A Brief Guide To Summer Camp In North Carolina

North Carolina parents have the opportunity to offer their children the chance to learn about robotics through attending summer camp. The camps provide the children with a learning environment that could accommodate a variety of schedules. This could prove to be a great advantage for parents.

What Does Summer Camp Have to Offer?

The charlotte summer camp offers a short course in robotics geared to meet the abilities of different age groups. Children ages seven to nine learn how to utilize computer software to build robots. This includes classes for simple programming, engineering, and union county NC kids events understanding the components needed in robotics.

For children ten to thirteen, the camp offers the chance to use more advanced techniques. This includes programming of the components for the robots as well as constructing the gears by hand. The interface used to complete the tasks is a completely interactive environment that appeals to older children.


Choosing the Right Camp for Your Child

The charlotte summer camp provides morning camp from 9 AM to noon. The afternoon camp begins at 1:30 and lasts until 4:30 PM. The one-week program is available for seven weeks during the summer, providing several opportunities for your child to attend. Each camp lasts three hours. They run Monday through Friday only.

The boys and girls camps are separated, and the children are supervised at all times. The classes consist of five children to allow additional help for your child. The smaller classroom helps to promote teamwork and provides an environment for children to cultivate friendships. All children are included in the activities, and no one feels left out.

What Should Your Child Bring?

Since it is a three-hour camp, meals aren’t prepared for the children. The Waxhaw summer camp provides bottled water for the children, but parents should send a snack with their child each day. They should also inform the camp of any allergies their child has.

At the end of the camp, the morning camp has a celebratory pizza party. The afternoon camps will have an ice cream party, since most children have eaten lunch before attending these camps. Children who have allergies to any of the ingredients will receive an alternative treat on the last day.

North Carolina children have the opportunity to attend a summer camp that offers great benefits. Unlike standard camps that offer competitions, these camps encourage an interest in science. Parents who wish to sign up their children should contact Waxhaw kid coders now.


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